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Aftermath of Storm Arwen and how to secure your roof for future storms.

Aftermath of Storm Arwen and how to secure your roof for future storms.

Storm Arwen has devastated the UK, with 1,600 people losing power plus with Storm Bara approaching its a recipe for much loss. Footage surfaced of a houses roofing being torn off and trees being up rooted causing obstruction on roads. Rule 1 of a sturdy home is a solid roof capable of withstanding storms and gale force winds, we pride ourselves with hiring trades people with the drive and proof of work that will give not only the best rates but highest quality work available. 

We have a trades person for all your homely needs, and with these storms frequently damaging homes around the UK it's the perfect time to get to know some tips and tricks you can do until we get a tradie out to help.

Step 1. Clean the roof.

Roofing material if not cleaned on a fairly regular basis can rust and begin to break down causing structural instability and further damage from storms or even simple rainfall if left too long. 

Step 2. Remove debris and other obstructions.

Simply sweeping debris off the roof will allow access to any damage and could prevent a much worse event where debris could break through the roof due to weight and weather, a simple sweep and clean can do wonders and more importantly save YOU money in the long term.

Step 3. Check Shingles. 

With storms comes heavy rain, checking your roofing for leaks and moisture is a sure fire way to prevent a much worse issue from developing and can keep costs low.

Step 4. Clean your gutters.

With Autumn and Winter comes leaves and sticks getting stuck in and around the guttering, causing blockages that can lead to damp and even mould growing from leaks into your home, it's best to clean them after heavy rain or a storm and make sure there is no leaks or damp and if those are present get onto our trades people ASAP and they'll be happy to help.

Step 5. Regular checks.

By doing the above things you can lower the number of issues for your roof and home, not only saving money but also allowing your own home maintenance knowledge to grow maybe leading to a spark in career ideas.

Can seem like a lot of work, but it will save you money and make the job easier for a Tradesmen is their path is clear.   

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