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Find Trusted Tradesmen and Local Tradespeople

Find Trusted Tradesmen and Local Tradespeople

Here at Local Tradespeople we believe quality and safety are one and the same. In these difficult times it's imperative that the service we provide is safe and follows guidelines to the finest details. To follow this promise we have created a profile system for our tradies, this system will allow YOU the customer access to a large directory of workers with details about experience, vaccination status and if they are exempt from mask wearing via medical reason. 

We felt that the customer should feel 100% in control of who works on their property, so instead of a random person doing the job we hope to develop a relationship between all sides so that it turns from a job to a friendly experience where some of our customers who don't see many people or are isolating have someone to talk to or just be in good company.

When you see the name Local Tradespeople you can expect quality work and excellent customer service. 

No matter the job, big or small. We have tradies who will complete the job at the highest standard imaginable.

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