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Working at a height.

Working at a height.

Working up a ladder or any height is dangerous for various reasons, before performing work at a height by law you must follow these guidelines. 

 Avoid work at height if you can unless necessary.

In places where working from height can't be avoided, prevent accidents by making sure the work area is safe by using correct equipment and knowing your limits. 

Minimise the distance and damage a fall is a capable of by using correct equipment and being with people you trust.

You should:

Do as much work as you can from ground level.

Making sure workers can get back from working at height safely.

Make sure equipment is safe and strong for the job, and checked regularly for damage or faults.

Don't overload or over reach when at height.

Be careful when working on or near fragile surfaces.

Provide protection from falling debris.

Have emergency evacuation procedures in place alongside rescue procedures.

you can learn more by going to this link and following the guidelines provided to make sure you're innkeeping with regulations. 

While in recent years the number of fatal accidents has decreased considerably, deaths from height is still the number one cause of death in the industry according to the Health And Safety Executives website under work related fatal injuries. The majority being in the sixteen to fifty nine age range. 

Always know your limits as a worker, know when it's time to step down and find a safer way of working, it can save your life and others.


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